Safehaven 2018

11 - 13 May

Toastmasters Conference

Cork City



Conference Director (aka Gaffer)

I may be an accidental Toastmaster (that’s a long story) but I’m a very deliberate and focused Conference Director. A TM since 2011, a DTM since 2016 but my TM journey is far from over. I’m Cork-born and bred and beyond proud of where I come from so, of course, the next step is to combine that with my love of Toastmasters and welcome you to a District Conference in my home town! This is an exciting, challenging and fun journey with so much opportunity for growth (that’s probably a better way of saying it than “All aboard the crazy train, I’m driving!”). 😉 I’m so looking forward to welcoming you home, to SafeHaven2018.


Project Manager (aka WarMouth)

Toastmaster for well over a decade, former Club President, Area Governor and Division Governor. Been there, seen it, have the t-shirt (still don't know why they gave me the nickname Warmouth though). Day job in project management so it makes sense for me to do the same here (never said I was any good at it though!), and as soon as I figure out exactly what the job is I'm sure I'll start doing it ...


Entertainments Director (aka Ballhopper)

You might say I am a 'Recycled Toastmaster'. As a teenager I achieved the now defunct CTM (Competent Toastmaster) and promptly left Toastmasters returning in 2013 to a new program. Since then I have achieved my ALB and my ACG and I'm currently on the ALS path and hoping to achieve my DTM. And of course the new Pathways Program is coming down the line and I am delighted and honoured to have been asked to be Pathways Ambassador for Division A. I am a bit of a Travelling Toastie and I've made speeches or had roles in clubs such as Apple, EMC, VMWare, Powdermills, Macroom, CSO, West Cork and Manchester. I have represented Division A in the Topics and Evaluations competitions and love the craic and characters that you only get at a Toastmaster's Conference.


Finance Director (aka De Manage)

During the 20 years that I have been a member of Toastmasters I have been a member of 5 clubs, including charter member of 1, held most club positions including Vice President Education & President in 2 different clubs. I have also been Area Governor in 2 areas and Assistant Division Governor. I am working on 3 more Toastmaster objectives – Be a founder member, achieve DTM & be part of the team that brings District Conference back to Cork.


Bookings Director (aka Miss Hospitality)

Toastmaster History: Currently I am the VPM for Blarney Toastmasters, a member for about a year and I am currently working towards the cc award.


Marketing Director" (aka Dogsbody)

Paul O'Mahony moved to Cork in 2005 - from Bath, UK. He earns his living as a "business storytelling consultant". Paul has no Toastmasters Qualifications - yet. He's far from competent enough. He joined Toastmasters in February 2015. He's now a 'fond, obsessed, infatuated' (FOI) member of Blarney Club, where he loves kittens, parakeets & introverts (KPIs). For 2017-18, Paul O’Mahony Blarney Vice-President for Public Relations (VPPR). In the SafeHaven2018 team Paul is a Dog's Body. [Please note: Paul is not knowingly related to Eddie]